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I believe in saving user's time and giving them a positive user experience that makes them feel empowered, I do this by creating human-centered designs combined with technological advancement that favors business as well as users, which results in a remarkable product.

Luckily I got the calling for designing early in my life. I started designing for my college while I was a student. I officially started my design career from 2015, It's been years and still, every passing day adds more hunger in me for crafting better designs then I did yesterday and ship them on time.

I am a self-taught designer, with a graduation degree in commerce. The degree in commerce had helped me a lot to understand the business end. I can sit with stakeholders and understand what they want and tailor the design that works in favor of business as well as users and create a win-win situation for both the end.

As I started designing I realized, the design has a lot to do with human psychology and hence I started learning about Human-psychology which help me to understand the users better. Overall learning about Human-psychology had helped me to gain a new perspective in my daily life as well. I know front-end development as well, Which helps me to understand the end-to-end production process.


I was a super active student during my college days! I use to participate in most of the events organized by the college. Eventually, I was curious about how these events are planned out and the curiosity led me to be a part of the organizing committee. By the end of the college I use to lead the organizing committee, I use to make planning and budget for the event, and have meetings with College management to present them with event plan and get it approved.

Over the last few years, the three major habits that had changed me as an Individual is Reading, Exercising, and Meditating. These are now my core activities of the day and my day feels incomplete if I miss anyone of it.


Design Team Lead

Carnot Technologies

Sept 2020 to Present

Product Desigenr

Independent Consultant

Jan 2019 to Sept 2020

UI Developer

Directi - Media.net

Feb 2018 to Jan 2019

Graphic Designer

Directi - Media.net

Aug 2015 to Feb 2018

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