Remember the BACKBENCHER who sketched all day in school? Yeh that's Me! Now sketching successful PRODUCT DESIGNS

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Mahindra Forbes Cryptovirally MSN Directi Swaraj Mazda Carnot Fractal Krish-e


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User Research

We started our journey from the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh. Venturing into the most remote corners, far beyond the reach of mainstream delivery giants like Amazon and Flipkart.

Thanks to Jio, They have democratize the internet and that makes us the second-largest internet users in the world. Though the offline experience dominates the Bhrat.

What is Bharat? okay to avoid the confusion we had divided the population of India in two i.e India and Bharat.

India is more about people like you and me, well educated, Fluent English speaking and above average family income.

Where as Bharat people are not well educated ...

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Hite Rajgor and his team on the field conducting user research

About Me

👋 Hey there!

As a self-taught designer, I bring over seven years of immersive experience in the world of design. My journey commenced in 2012 during my college years, evolving into a professional career in 2015 when I joined

While my path in design has been rich and diverse, I consider myself just at the threshold of my creative potential. Throughout my journey, I have harnessed a plethora of tools, yet my enduring passion lies in the simplicity and authenticity of the timeless pen and paper.

Beyond the realm of design, my curiosity has led me to explore the fascinating intersections of Psychology and Philosophy. If you share an interest in these realms, I would be delighted to connect with you. Let's embark on a journey where creativity, intellect, and design converge.

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