VS Code — Don’t miss these extensions


I am a full-stack designer and often write code as well. Earlier I was using sublime and I loved it, but now I am on VS code and it’s amazing.

Who doesn’t love extensions? They make our life so easier 🙌 Here is a small list of extensions that I use, hope they will make your developing process easier.

Auto Rename Tag

We all have been through where we have to change a tag, and the typical process is to first change the opening tag and then the closing tag, for a single such change it’s okay but what if you had to do these changes a bunch of places? This extension will come in handy, change the opening tag and the closing tag will be updated accordingly. Ain’t It Cool? I personally loved it 🤙

Bracket Pair Colorizer

Bracket Pair Colorizer

Stuck with huge lines of bracketed code? Install this and you will get an idea of where those brackets are being started and ending. Every bracket pair will have a different color which gives it a nice color full feel to the editor.

Highlight Matching Tag

Highlight Matching Tag

If you get stuck in brackets then there are chances you might get confused about which tag is starting where and closing where? 😵 This will make it smooth and your confusion will be gone forever.

Image preview

Highlight Matching Tag

I have been there, where we just see the image path and image name, we might need to call it again or we might need to change one image icon from that 20 lists of icons, and cross-checking name, finding the image in code and then updating it? It’s a tiring process! 😪 not anymore, with this extension, you will get an image preview on the left and make it easier to change the images.

Project Manager

Project-Manager extension

Working on a bunch of projects is super cool and fun, I really enjoy it but what I hate is when the business team walks in and ask to change a line of text on a project which was done months back, now I had to find that project in the huge list of other projects which I had worked so far, shift my focus from my existing task in finding a folder, that’s like investing in 2 mins to find the folder to do the change of a 30 seconds 🤐 With project manager save your projects while you work on them, and then access them with their name whenever required, 2 mins search is down to 10 seconds, helps a lot. change the images.

Git Project Manager

Git Project Manager extension

Working with a big team or using git to maintain your projects? great, devs love git as they help in a number of ways, but finding and opening a git repo might take time if your repo is not organized, no worries with git project manager find all your git repo with just a few clicks. 😎

Sublime Text Keymap and Settings Importer

Sublime Text Keymap and Settings Importer

Now, this is a bonus for people coming from sublime like me or people using sublime and thinking will it be a cool move to use VS code or what about shortcuts they remember with sublime over the time won’t it get wasted if they move from sublime to VS code? Nothing is wasted with this plugin get a feel that you are still using sublime, with some short cuts, while using VS code 🙃