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Tips & Tricks for Choosing Brand Colors

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Colors are around us right from the day the universe is created In fact I believe that color is the first language of communication for instance when we use to see trees or fruits, if they are green and bright we use to believe they are fresh while if they are dull and dark it feels they are rotten or about to die.

Nature is communicating with us using colors right from day one.

Visuals play a crucial role in today’s world, As per IBM

90% of all data collected in history has been generated in last two years


and as per Cisco

90% of all data transmitted online today is visual

– Cisco

It means data generation is growing rapidly and most of it is visual.

Coming to the topic, Brand is nothing but a way of communicating a company’s beliefs and the reason for existence.

Logo, visiting cards and other brand identities communicate with the person looking at it via color shapes and many other factors. Colors decide how the audience is going to feel about the brand. A wrong color palette and a wrong message will be delivered to the audience.

Colors are very subjective and their meaning changes depending on the person’s belief system, culture, and experiences.
Eg.: White is seen as a color of purity in Western countries while it is considered a symbol of mourning in many Eastern countries.

Colors are divided into two sections i.e warm colors and cool colors Warm colors include colors like red, yellow and orange while cool colors have colors like blue, green and purple.

Here are some belief that is associated with the following colors


Physical, courage, strength, fight, warm.


Intellectual, communication, trust, efficiency, duty, logic, coolness


Optimism, confidence, creativity, friendly, calm


Harmony, Balance, rest, peace, environmental


Nurture, warmth, femininity, love, sexuality


Sophistication, glamour, security, emotional safety, efficiency

Note: The above-mentioned color association is subjective and can differ drastically from culture to culture. Hence I highly recommend before starting your branding do research on your targeted audience and figure out what are their belief system and use colors accordingly.

Here some tips which will help you choose the right brand color

1. Research

Do the research of your targeted audience, culture, and belief system which color signifies what in the local tradition and which will suit best for your brand.

2. Complimentary Colors

Find out complementary colors to your primary colors. These colors will come in handy while designing your brand, websites, and other media packs.

3. Study Competitors

Do a competitors brand research this will help you to figure out which colors they are using and make sure you don’t end up using similar or same colors as that will not help your brand, in fact, it will make your brand less stand out from your competitors and your audience might get confused between you and your competitors.

Hope this information helps you in your future projects.

Hiten Rajgor

Hiten Rajgor

Hiten Rajgor is a full-stack designer. Hiten Create Designs that Solve User problems and Create Strategies aligned with Business and Customers. Hiten had worked in multiple business domains.