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Explanation of Hick's Law

Hick’s Law also known as Hick-Hyman Law focuses on the right number of choices your users should see.

Explanation of Hick's Law

What is Hick’s Law?

The time it takes to a person to make a decision increases with the number & complexity of choices. In simple words the more the options the more time user will take to make a decision, But there are exceptions, Let’s See them.

Few exceptions

Exception of Hick's Law

It does not mean your Menu/Navigation or List needs to be small always.

In case you have a Long List make sure your User knows the list items and the List items are in Order.

Eg.: Long List of Countries, TV Shows, Brands, etc.

How the Law came to Existence?

History of the Law

Hick’s Law (or the Hick-Hyman Law) is named after a British and an
American psychologist team of William Edmund Hick and Ray Hyman.
In 1952, this pair set out to examine the relationship between the number of stimuli present and an individual’s reaction time to any given stimulus.

I hope the next time you are designing a dashboard or a website with huge navigation you use these principles to make the user’s life easier. You can see this law in action in most of the E-commerce sites, They group items there in order to make the decision process faster.

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