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Doherty Threshold

If you are a UX designer, You should not miss out on Doherty Law, especially if you are an Interaction designer.

Ever wonder How Long you should make your Users Wait?

Doherty Threshold

What is Doherty Threshold?

Doherty threshold is about the Maximum Time that the Computer should Take to Respond to the User.

Doherty Threshold

What’s the Magic Number?

Provide system feedback within 400ms this will keep User’s Attention & boost productivity.


How Doherty Threshold came into existence?

In 1982 Walter J. Doherty & Ahrvind J. Thadani published, in the IBM Systems Journal, a research paper that set the requirement for computer response time to be 400 ms, not 2,000 (2 seconds) which had been the previous standard.

Tips on UX

The takeaway from Doherty Threshold

Provide feedback to the Users within 400 ms, This will keep the User’s Attention and boost productivity.

Hence try to reduce your website/App’s Load time/Response time to < 400 ms

Takeaway from Doherty Threshold

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