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Quick Summary

In this article, I will share how to convert your animations into lightweight code with just one click using Lottiefiles! or use the Lottiefiles library to get customized lightweight animation for absolutely free.

What is LottieFiles?

Lottie is a tool that converts animations created by designers into JSON-based animation files with one click and they are lightweight and works on any device without pixelation.

Lottie Support

For the context Lottie plugins and libraries are available for Web, iOS, Android, Flutter, React, React Native, Xamarin, NativeScript, Windows, Vue, Angular, QT, Skia, Framer X, Sketch, Figma & After Effects.

Lottie is used and trusted by companies like Microsoft, Netflix, Uber, and more.

How to use LottieFiles?

Lottie is easy to use, Just one click, and all the magic is done by the Lottie tool.

The first step – figure out which tool you are using and have a conversation with the developer, on which platform the animation is going to be used and what coding language they are using.

The second step – Get the plugin for the tool you are using, Here are the links to the plugins for different tools.

  1. After Effects to Lottie
  2. Figma to Lottie
  3. SVG to Lottie

Once you get the plugin, It’s pretty simple depending on the tool you are using with few clicks convert your animations to Lottie files.

Here are the detailed courses on how to use Lottie files.

Lottie to GIFs

Lottie can even convert your Lottie to GIF. Talking about GIFs! Don’t you think we should use GIFs why to even bother ourselves with Lottie?

Because All the GIFs are not lightweight and the biggest challenge with GIFs is that they get pixelated, while, Lottie files are lightweight and can be scale down or up without any pixelation.

Experience with Lottie

I have been using Adobe XD to create UI designs and prototypes and After effects to create interactions and animations for the projects. In order to convert my animations to Lottie, I use After Effects to Lottie plugin.

Though not all the After effects – Effects are supported by the Lottie! Here is the list of After effects – Effects supported by Lottie by Airbnb

You can view how your animation is rendering on different platforms like Android, IOS, Web, React Native, and windows.

In fact they have app for Lottie app Android and Lottie app for Windows where you can preview and view the Lottie animations.


Lottie is an awesome tool and is the future of interactive animation that can be used across platforms and the best part is that it is free and can be used even for your experiments and all your files will be 100% private if you choose not to upload them on the Lottie servers.

It can be used by non-designers as well as they have a huge free library from there you can get free animations and customized them as per your requirements.

I will suggest have look at the LottieFiles official site for more insights.

I hope this article is helpful! Let me know your views by contacting me here