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Value & Engagement?

It was not allowed to travel during the lockdown due to Covid-19 and even in the later phase, People were afraid to travel and were avoiding traveling until it was an emergency.

It was a nightmare for the travel industry. People either stopped using travel apps or uninstalled them. In both, cases travel apps had a tough time retaining and engaging users.

A lot of companies had added community, content, or games on their platform to create User engagement and retain users. (Though in most of the cases these features are entertainment-driven and not value-driven)

Later the Covid-19 vaccinations were available, Though they were limited and difficult to get.

That’s when RedBus decided to solve the problem. RedBus created a service via which a user can set a 10km radius and the moment the vaccines are available in the radius the user will be notified. This actually adds value to the user’s life, as well as the business is rewarded by user engagement.

Another smart move by RedBus was that Users having the app were informed via notifications while the users who had uninstalled the app were informed via messages and emails.

I always feel Value & engagement is better than Entertainment & engagement.

(here are the list of industries affected by Covid-19)

24 October 2021

WhatsApp & Ads?

WhatsApp is a world-famous free communication app and the catch with any communication app is that people can’t use the app alone. They need their family & friends on the platform to communicate, Example if I am using WhatsApp and I want to talk with you I will invite you to WhatsApp so that we can talk and that’s how the chain keeps growing.

If WhatsApp’s user base grows by the word of mouth, why the company needs to do an advertisement? that too after so many years

Lately, WhatsApp got in trouble due to changes in the privacy policy which gave a rise to trust issues with WhatsApp.

BUT, Why advertisement? There is enough data out there that people have trust issues with advertisements as well!

Maybe these banners & TV ads work well for the older generation, But I see no actions taken to retain the new generation and the people who understand tech.

Though the real questions are will you switch to another platform? what if you shift to Slack and I shift to Discord? What if your loved ones refuse to leave WhatsApp? will you sacrifice your privacy?

20 October 2021


There is one way that is a perfect way of doing things and there is the other way, Not so perfect and still it gets the work done. You can call it a hack, the untidy way, or anything. On the Indian streets, people call jugaad.

Recently due to Covid-19 a lot of Auto-rickshaw drivers signed up on OLA/UBER. Usually, The cab driver fixes the cell phone on the windshield using a stand(₹50-₹200) or simply keeps it on the dashboard. An Auto-rickshaw driver who is already suffering from Covid-19 losses can’t afford a Phone stand! and as the rickshaw doesn’t have doors keeping the phone on the dashboard is risky.

That’s where the Jugaad comes into the picture. The driver is using a hand band costing ₹5 to get the work done. Of course, there are a few cons of going this way like he can’t see the speedometer, the hand band covers up parts of the screen, and so on. But like I said it’s not the best way but it gets the work done.

19 October 2021

Wet floor

We often see wet floor warning signs and the frequency of these signs increases during the rainy season. Outside a hospital, I saw this interesting machine that partially solves the wet floor problem. All you have to do is slide in your wet umbrella in the machine and it will wrap it up in a plastic bag. No more annoying wet umbrellas leaking water everywhere.

It feels it is essential outside hospitals as people inside the hospital are often in rush and can miss those warning signs and fall.

Alternatively, Visitors can park the umbrella outside though this approach got loopholes like mistakenly picking up other’s umbrella or forgetting your own umbrella while leaving.

So is this the best solution? Maybe, though what about people using raincoats? I don’t know! There are always edge cases but this definitely solves the problem for major audiences.

8 September 2021

One banner two links 🤔

The typical banner on the web stores one URL for one image.

If there are two URLs one for the Men category and the other for the Women category, we will need two banner images to show them on a site. Though what Myntra had done here is an exception. One banner that leads to 2 different URLs.

Sounds crazy? Myntra created a cool welcome banner for the home page and divided it into 2 parts, one leading to the Men category and the other to the Women category.

What I really liked about this design is that it welcomes both genders, Though I feel the buttons on the left and right bottom might get missed by the user and the user will end up accidentally clicking in the center or either side.

Alternatively, I feel they could have used two female models on the right side and male models on the left side and increased the button prominence. This would have led to the least confusion.

6 September 2021

Hangers and trains

Recently I was traveling on a train with my blazer and it was in a typical blazer cover. I hung it on a hook and grabbed my coffee down to 5 minutes the blazer fell on me and my coffee was all over! the cover saved my blazer though I encountered an interesting problem.

A typical Hanger is designed for closets and not for trains. Every time the train stops suddenly the hanger falls. Though alternatively, we can have round hangers and the problem will be solved.

31 August 2021

Stickers are for quality?

I eat apples every day, and every day I need to remove a barcode sticker from them which is annoying. These barcodes are scanned whenever someone buys the apple and it helps in maintaining the stock in the shop hence it is required.

Though I buy apples from the street vendors, they don’t have scanners so why stickers? I asked. The vendor replied it represents they are export quality apples. I asked can I get the same quality without stickers? he refused.

A few days later the shopkeeper’s son was sticking these stickers and on enquiring, he said the truth that often these apples are damaged in transportation, and these stickers are used to hide those damages.

These are two different apples though 😀 as I found the damage after cutting

Though very few times this happened to me, still now when I buy apples I think is sticker really for quality?

30 August 2021