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Writing content like a pro

We all know content is the king! No, Superior content is the king! and I will like to congratulate you! as you are reading this article it means you are serious about your content game.

You could be a blogger, an Instagram model, Youtuber, Dancer, Singer, Musician or some other type of content creator!

No matter what type of content creator you are, I got you covered here.

You are creating cool and unique content but it’s not getting the right attention may be because your quality of presenting it is not up to the mark.

Not anymore! Once you are done with this article you will have enough sources to make your content look really superior, so make sure you are bookmarking all the links here.

Great content has a few common things like Unique message, Great Visuals, Great Sound. As a content creator, not necessarily your content will have all the above-mentioned things but will always have some of them.

Let’s solve one thing at a time!


Visuals are crucial! they play an important role either you are a blogger, Video producer or any other type of creator you need visuals to tell your stories better.

We had often seen in some videos, a Voice hover is going on and some really sick cinematographic videos are being played, or some really cool drone shots are being played!

Does that Video producer had literally taken those shots, Edited them and uploaded? Maybe, maybe not! Either way that is not possible for all of us.

So here are few paid sites from where you can get cool stock videos and photos

But wait not everyone can afford to buy from those expensive sites, Don’t worry we got alternatives!

Here is the list of 10 Sites to get Best Free stock photos which I personally use as well!

But what about Videos Hiten? Here you go – Best 6 Free Stock Videos Sites for your Projects

Visuals are done here! This list will be your goto list no matter what type of content creator you are.


Sound is the most underrated element of the content. People feel sounds/Music is not so important! Trust me they can make or break your content.

Here is the list for the people who like to pay!

For people who are on a budget here, you can get the best – 6 Free Stock Audio sites that will boost your videos

Now you would be like Hiten thank you for these resources but we are not pro designers like you! How to get all these things together?

Yes, I got you! you guys can create some pro stuff as well here is the list of free tools to edit and make your content better! – 3 Powerful Design Tools for Non Designers or if you want free video editing tools here you go – 5 Free professional Video Editing tools for you – 2020

I hope this article will help you to create superior content than what you are creating already.

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Hiten Rajgor

Hiten Rajgor

Hiten Rajgor is a Multi-disciplinary Product Designer & Brand Strategist.
Hiten write Blogs, make Videos and give Talks! with a single intention of sharing his experiences so that the others can make most out of it.