Do Designers need to know to code? 🔥 - Hiten Rajgor

Do Designers need to know to code? 🔥

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Do you think designers need to know code? If you are a designer or starting your career as a designer and confused that do you really need to know to code? then you landed on the right article, I am a UI/UX designer and had done professionally coding as well and here are my views.

Let’s go back in time, ⏳ In 2012 I started my design career and was enjoying it, was doing designing majorly in print media, and that’s when my sister 💁‍♀️ advised me to give a shot to web developing. Crazy ain’t it? But I said ‘Bring it on’.

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Back then it didn’t work out, Yeh I failed to understand even simple HTML, Life is tough.😪 Later in 2015 I completed my degree and landed up in a multinational company as a digital designer🤘 I felt I was killing it, Until I saw some people who can do both 😮 I mean yeh they can design and understand HTML as well, I was blown away and decided to pick up the old battle, but this time HTML and CSS were friendly with me.

May be because back then I was from print media which made it difficult for me to understand digital concepts😕 and this time I had huge experience of digital designing platforms which helped me to understand things better. I took it a step further and changed my career from Digital designer to a UI developer and then I was a Unicorn 🦄 or a full-stack designer 😕 whatever they call 😄

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So do designers really need to know to develop, is it really crucial? is it contributing to their career? I feel designers should have a basic understanding of developing, will it contribute to your career? It really depends on the company you work for and the designation you are in.

In terms of freelancing it definitely helps. Even as a designer you will understand things well and communication and handovers would be smooth between you and your developers.

Here are some pros and cons


  • You will understand the whole process of how things go from ideas to execution.
  • You can do minor changes and share code snippets with developers instead of saying “shadow is not as per design” and so on.
  • You can predict the possibilities and challenges of a design and can create designs accordingly, Rather than to create a design and then get feedback from developers about how challenging/time consuming it would be to execute a design
  • Handover gets smooth between you and the developers


  • Steep learning graph
  • You need to stay updated as frameworks and languages keep changing
  • It won’t really boost your career (depends on company)

At the end of the day, developing is a skill and having a skill always pays off, so yeh like my sister advised me then, I would like to advise same, give a try to developing 😛 If it works you can excel it else it’s okay

You are still killing it 🤘 Thank you for the Read.

I hope now it’s clear that do designers know to code or not is a very subjective thing depending on the designer’s goal.

Hiten Rajgor

Hiten Rajgor

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