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Design tools vs Design Thinking! What matters more?

An Asian lady thinking what is more important, Design tools or Design Thinking

We will be clearing one of the biggest concerns of the designers! Design tools or Design Thinking which one will make you a better Designer Overall.

Are you a UI/UX/Graphic/Web designer? Then I am sure, Every time you look out for Job opportunities you find new tools that you don’t know, and this is how the list must be looking like.

  1. Adobe photoshop
  2. Adobe Lightroom
  3. Adobe illustrator
  4. Adobe XD
  5. Figma
  6. Invision
  7. UX pin
  8. Sketch
  9. Zeplin
A Geek Thinking How to learn all these Design tools and staring at the laptop screen frustratingly

And the list goes on. Trust me the next time you look for a new job you will find a bunch of new additions to this list.

But is it even possible to know them all?
Does it even matter to know all?
Will you be a better designer if you know all these tools?

I believe learning has no end you can always learn any number of tools and trust me it’s not that tough. Learning more tools comes in handy if you are a freelancer or work on contracts with different companies.BUT learning any number of tools won’t make you a better designer. If you really want to be a better designer you need to focus on design thinking, not on the designing tools.

In short, Tools are just a way to bring your ideas to life. If you don’t know tools you can learn it any time in your life but if you don’t know how to think like a designer. any number of tools won’t be able to solve that problem. Design thinking is an approach that can make and break your design career. While tools are just added bonus and help you to get the job done.

Does it mean you should not focus on tools? No! Tools are a crucial part of the Design Profession hence mastering them is important as well. You might not know any software from the above list or might know some, or might know more than that list and it’s either way okay.

All I am trying to say is next time when you apply for a job and you think you are not the perfect candidate just because you don’t know that software mentioned in the list. It’s okay just go ahead and apply for it. If you know everything mentioned in the list as an employee you don’t have any scope of growth in that job but if you don’t know few tools from the list and you get selected there is a great opportunity to learn and grow yourself as a designer.

I hope you found this article useful. Write to me in case you have any doubts or something to say I enjoy having conversations.

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