Are you using Burger Menu for your Site?

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Burger menu is the menu we see on the top left or right side on apps or websites. Yeh, those three lines are known as the burger menu. There are other types as well they look similar, three horizontal or vertical dots and so on. If you are a tech-savvy you will recognize it and won’t face any struggle to navigate but if you are a non-techy person you might find it a bit challenging to figure out things.

They are used in most of the apps then are there really any drawbacks to it? Burger menu is a debatable menu in the design world.

Here are some pros and cons and Alternates that we can use

Pros of Burger Menu

Clean UI

Burger menu helps to maintain a clean UI for the users by moving out actions and navigation links in it which gives users a clutter-free experience.


Navigating through the burger menu is easy, it indicates exactly where it will lead and the user needs to simply click on those links.

Recognized element

Burger menu is ubiquitous, which helps as users know and understand how it works.

Cons of Burger Menu

Burger menu hides features

A lot of apps have their features hideaway in the burger menu, which a user will never know until the open burger menu. 25% of apps get deleted after first use Hence onboarding matters a lot while designing apps because users ain’t gonna go and start exploring the app just to figure out is the app useful enough to keep or not.


We have often seen and experienced that important features, primary information or updates are placed on the home screen so the users don’t miss them out, placing features and other information in the burger menu signifies that they are not important and hence placed out of sight.


The top left of the screen is not the easy point to reach out for the users and generally, the top section is for more information based things while the bottom or center screen is for actions. (According to Fitt’s Law) signifies that they are not important and hence placed out of sight.

Alternates to the burger menu

Material Design Bottom Menu
Source — Material Design

Bottom Navigation menu

The bottom Navigation menu is adopted by quite a lot of famous apps like QuoraLinkedinFacebook and more. Either they have shifted completely from the burger menu to the Bottom Navigation menu or they are using a mix of both.

Label Menu
Source — Great Simple Studio

Labeled menu

The labeled menu is nothing new but burger menu without three lines but with a label, It helps users as it says it’s a menu, instead of showing three lines which come in handy for non-tech users.

Floating Menu

Floating menu

The floating menu is kinda famous these days, they have placed either bottom right of the screen or in the center, with the tabbed menu in some cases which helps as they are easy to reach and recognize.

Personally I have mix opinions about it. You can stick with a burger Menu or switch to a different menu but all these depend on the type of project and goals of the project you are working on.

Thank you for the read I hope this article was insightful for you.

Hiten Rajgor

Hiten Rajgor

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