5 Free professional Video Editing tools for you – 2020

A person siting and editing Videos

Your time had arrived to edit videos like a pro without spending a penny.

There are tons of cool video editing tools out there but they cost a lot! Honestly, not everyone can afford them.

Thanks to these software creators they had kept these tools open and free to use for everyone!

1 – Blender

3D Video rendering tool

Blender is a 100% free and open-source 3D creation tool. Though blender do have some great features that can be used to editing videos. Yes, and if you want to experiment with 3D you can always open blender and have fun.

You can use the blender for modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, video editing, and 2D animation pipeline.

2 – Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express VIdeo Tool

Hitfilm Express is one of the finest video editing tools! It offers very similar features to after-effects and has been used by a few Hollywood movies as well. Want more from this tool? Get the Hitfilm Express Pro version it is paid but it is worth it.

3 – GoPro

GoPro App

This is not for Desktop but can be used on your Android phone and iPhone. GoPro offers some cool features and presets that you can use to edit your video. My favorite thing about GoPro App is that you can edit videos on the fly.

The top three tools were used by me and are awesome to start free video editing, but the following are not used by me but they do look promising and worth a shot.

4 – VSDC

VSDC Free Video Editing tool

VSDC offers a bunch of promising features and looks lightweight as well. it supports most of the video and audio formats which makes it a handy tool.

5 – Shortcut

Shortcut Video editing tool

Shortcut offers decent features and is a cross-platform tool with video resolution support till 4K. It does support most of the video formats. It’s open-source software so 100% free. Though I feel it have a slightly less user-friendly UI.

On a Budget? Produce your video or other content for free!

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Using these tools you can start for Free video editing. Though if you want to use industry-standard tools here are few they are not free!

Premiere Pro – Is one the easiest and flexible software

Adobe After Effects – The most used tool especially for VFX

Cinema4D is one of the easiest 3D tools.

Adobe Premiere Rush – Easy to use and handy as works on the phone as well.

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Hiten Rajgor

Hiten Rajgor

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