3 Powerful Design Tools for Non Designers

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I know you are not a designer, Neither you know all those fancy design Softwares! Neither you are good at drawing! Nor you have the budget to hire a designer. It’s okay that’s how most of the business starts on with a tight budget!

By the end of this article, you will have a few tools that will help you to design Logos, Posters, Visiting cards, social media banners and much more.

If you have basic color sense and layout skills you will be able to create designs that are nothing less than professional designs. If you don’t have these skills it’s okay to use ready-made templates to get things moving.

The tools I will be sharing here will be easy to use as they are meant for non-designers and potentially the best as well.

1 – Canva

Canva Design tool for non Designers

Canva is a gem! It’s one of the coolest tools out there. It’s not an application that we install on PC/Mac it’s a web-based tool, It means it will work on your browser!

The best part about this tool? It syncs your file to the cloud! did I tell you it got a mobile app that performs nearly as well as their desktop version.

And you get all the above features for 100% in their Free account. Beyond that have tons of free and paid templates that you can use.

2 – PicMonkey

Pic Monkey Design tool

Pic Monkey is fairly old and has some great options to edit pictures and use your creativity.

Though Pic monkey is highly centered to photo editing than to overall designing! But you can design it as well if you know how to get things done.

Yes, Pic Monkey does have a mobile app as well!

3 – Stencil

Stencil is a handy tool! It has tons of templates and they have chrome, Firefox extensions as well and If you are a WordPress user than they got a plugin for you as well.

They don’t have a mobile version but it operates on browser like the above tools so it is accessible where ever you go.

Personally, my favorite is Canva and I use it as well. I had recommended Canva to bunch of people and got a good review as well so I feel you should check it out and hence I had kept it on the top in the list.

P.S: Canva had not paid me It’s just a cool tool so endorsing it.

I hope these design tools will help you with your goals.

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Hiten Rajgor

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